Back in the HKSAR

Wow. It's been a month since I got back to HK after TED...Our lack of blog posts is pretty despicable especially given my former promise to write every day. All I can do now is promise once again to keep up with the writing during the next two months. First a little recap. The night I got back from the states Rich was kind enough to prepare (not bake - we don't have an oven) a cake in my honor. You might remember Rich's cake making skills from the post about Mel's birthday - while that cake was delicious, it was really just a practice run for this recent culinary masterpiece. Notice the precise 'arrow cut' technique used to divide the cake. It might seem self serving to put a picture on the blog which includes "WE LOVE MISCHA", but I'm writing about this cake becuase it was so amazing, not because I am so amazing. Here we are eating the cake:
I'm not sure why I'm making such an odd face, but mel was lucky enough to capture it on film - er... I mean solid state memory - Look how happy Rich is that his video game partner is back in town.

I know that was short, there are a few more posts coming tomorrow - we have a 4 day weekend for Easter so there will be plenty of time to write. For now Mel needs to get to sleep, she has a beauty school class to teach tomorrow.


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rebs said...

at first i thought your cake was a giant, intricate hot dog. i'm glad that mel is finally teaching classes at beauty school. is she teaching people how to speak english, or to cut hair?