The things we leave behind...

We've been here 3 months, now. Enough time to make some lasting friendships, embark on a few wild adventures, and surely leave a lasting impression on at least a handful of locals... 3 of whom work at the hair salon just down the street. Last weekend, Misha woke up and decided he no longer enjoyed his lovely long locks. Upon hearing that Richard disdained his own medium length locks, both boys agreed it was a good day for a haircut. Luckily, there are no less than 15 hair cutteries in our local vicinity. So to spice things up, they chose the one not next door, but the one next to the one next door the aptly named "Vogue Salon".

It dosen't take Vidal Sasoon to tell you that white people hair is different than Asian people hair, so it came as no surprise that the staff of the Vogue Salon began to scramble frantically as soon as we all walked in the door. One gweilo would have been hard enough to trim...but 3! Luckily for them I was not in a hair cutting mood. Rich and Misha were soon ushered off to be shampooed as the staff of the salon drew straws to determine who would have the honor of messing up a rich white guys haircut. We found out afterwards that the manager himself cut Rich's hair, which actually came out pretty good. He looked a little like a choirboy, not quite like the picture of the chiseled model he had brought as a guide. Mish, however, was not so trusting. He went with the only cut he knew they couldn't mess up, even if they gave him the new guy. Upon announcing that he wanted "5mm" his stylist yelled out "skinhead?" to which all the other stylists responded "skinhead! skinhead!" in hushed exuberance. It wasn't clear whether they were relieved by his choice or just surprised that anyone would cut off so much perfectly good hair (most guys here have long hair and carry purses)(no joke)(I mean that's cool, I like a nice man-purse every once in a while).

20 Seconds later Mish was all but bald. 5mm it was. Thankfully his head was not nearly as misshapen as he had expected. It actually looked...OK. Sort of like a slightly tougher choirboy.

All in all the whole venture was pretty successful. The cuts were only $10 US each which even here is a steal. Both boys were pretty happy and I think rather like Mish's new look so much that perhaps... someday... I might go with the 5mm too.

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rebs said...

i like the 5mm/ upturned collar combo. you have a promising future as an 80's movie villian ahead of you...