Adrift in Macau

Speaking of being in town it's crazy that we're half way through our stay here. Last week we took a short (5 hour) trip to Macau (a neighboring special administrative region of the good old People's Republic of China). Like HK it used to be a colony, though it was under Portuguese rule rather than British - today it's a massive gambling hot spot. I was told the Casinos there make more money than those in Vegas. It's probably because Vegas is sort of a place you'd take your family - Macau is not. It is the best place around for baccarat, booze, and brothels. I guess that's why they do so much business. To get there we took a high speed ferry, which was actually pretty classy. I guess I was expecting the place to be a bit more like rustic Portugal (whatever that is like) and less like a cross breed of Hong Kong and Las Vegas. My opinion might be a bit biased as we only saw Macau at night - we had meant to leave around noon but didn't make it to the boat until 4ish. By the time we got there the sun was setting and we were getting hungry.

For the first time since we got here we used out lonely planet 'Hong Kong & Macau' guide book. We picked out an area that looked like it'd be good for restaurants and set out on a long walk past the casinos to get there.

We eventually found an Italian place that the book recommended, we probably should have had Portuguese food, but the Italian turned out to be the best we'd had since we got here so I think it was the right choice. And Portugal is sorta close to Italy..right?

I'm going to go grab some breakfast - I have the day off for Easter, so I guess I'll go eat some eggs.


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rebs said...

whatever happens in macau, stays in macau... even egg eating. glad to see you posting again!