The roof is not on fire...

Despite how hot mel is, the roof is not on fire. Nice hundred dollar bill you stripper.

A few days ago, (well before I went on my trip to the states, so more like 13 days ago) Mel lead a small expedition (just me and her) up to the 34th floor and beyond. Weeks earlier when Chinese new year happened, Rich and I had gone across town to get a better view of the fireworks (more on this outing in a later post) -- Mel decided to stay home, and in doing so inadvertently found out that the roof of our building is not so hard to access. We decided it was worth going back to see the view during the day. We took the elevator up to the top floor and from there ascended a few more flights of stairs until we came to a door which lead to the lower roof. Each of the four apartments on the top floor has their own little piece of the lower roof which is very simple to get to (just walk through the door). However, as there was a ladder attached to the side of the building we had to assume there was an upper roof which would be slightly harder to reach. Luckily we managed to climb our way over the apparatus intended to prevent just that, and made it to the upper roof unscathed. Here are some pictures of the event.
Here is a veiw of the Kowloon side of the city. Note the never ending array of high-rise apartments...

Here's a cool shot of the construction site, which is RIGHT NEXT TO OUR APARTMENT. Luckily we've adapted to block out the constant sound of jack hammers.

Getting down from the roof, was as hard, if not possibly harder than getting up there. Luckily, once again, we faced the peril with strong hearts and made it down in one piece. Well, two pieces if you count Mel and I separately.

Little Miss Bravery.

Note the harrowing 35 story drop.

My turn...

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rebs said...

i knew that all that climbing up and down the ladder to the catwalks at pds would have practical application later in your life.

we miss you. we beat mario twice. hoo-rah.