festival holiday pictures

With the Chinese New Year only a few days behind us, remains of the festivities are still abound. Throughout the city brightly colored decorations still hang, and will probably continue to do so for weeks to come - much like a Christmas tree still out at Easter. One common site, very popular among the natives, are prefab kodak moments; mostly found in malls, these elaborate tableaux provide the perfect backdrop on which to capture a festive moment. In our travels this past weekend, we were lucky enough to find this lovely Hello Kitty Wedding themed scene. We just so happened to have the camera and I managed to snap this lovely shot of Mel. And...here is a close up.
Yep. That's our Mel - really soaking in the holiday cheer. I took a few other shots, but THIS one really captures the feeling of the moment, and the true inner beauty of the Hello Kitty line of products. Well, that's all for now - more on the new year in tomorrow's post. Just wait till you hear about the fireworks!

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