Death Wish

Just another little Hong Kong oddity. Mel took this picture a few weeks ago, but I think it's worth posting. It seems as though that here in HK you can have your propane delivered to your home - not so strange in itself, but think for a moment about the person who has to drive a truck loaded with highly flammable compressed liquid - get into an accident and you wind up as a special effect for Jerry Brockheimer. It seems as though, the propane delivery company ran out of trucks, because we saw this parked on the sidewalk:

Yeah, that's 6 tanks on one bike. INSANE. Not only must that thing be impossible to balance, but it had a fixed gear. Whoever volunteered for this job is just asking for a closed casket. Nick - if you're reading this, I hope you're impressed. Mel and I agreed this makes you ammo case look like a wicker basket. No offense.

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Nick said...

Hardcore as fuck. (Though I'm guessing they use that thing to pick up empties, since full ones tend to be pretty heavy, I think.) I'd like to cut open an empty propane tank to use as a trunk for my bike, but I suspect riding around with that sort of thing tends to get you arrested over here.