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Yawn... It's 11am here. I know that doesn't sound early, but Rich and I were out at the bar visiting mel last night, and then returned home to watch the film of DOOM, which, as a player of the recent edition of the game, I appreciated. Anyway, we didn't get to sleep until late, so 11 feels a bit early. I'm only up because I was supposed to have a conference call (oooh fancy) with Scot (the guy who produced my film As Real as Your Life and Max (a director/producer who has since partnered up with Scot). I can't go into too much detail because of confidentiality rules, but it's a good opportunity to share happy news so I'll tell you what I can.

A few weeks ago Scot and Max were pitching various ideas for TV shows (mostly video game related stuff) to a friend of Max's who used to be a president of television as one of the big studios. From what I've heard, it sounds like he wasn't biting - so just to see how he'd like it Scot showed him the teaser and then the trailer for As Real as Your Life. Somehow just from the clips this guy was excited enough to ask if I would be willing to work on developing a scripted TV show which would deal with some of the issues of the film, such as the effect of video games on the mind and how virtual experiences of individuals effect the collective consciousness. Pretty cool eh? I hadn't thought about TV as a medium for expressing much more than entertainment, but I'm hoping the show (if it happens) might actually make some sort of statement. For better or for worse, the guy also wants me to star in it - so I either need to break it to him gently that I'm not much of an actor, or quietly sneak into some acting classes in the meantime.

Anyway the conference call was moved to tomorrow, so I'm going back to bed. Just thought I'd share the good news. I'll keep you posted.


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